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Driveways and Patios

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D Harrison Home Improvements specialize in installation of block paving driveways and patios. We offer numerous different block paving driveway and patio services to choose from. We can do the work in a variety of styles and colors.

If you’re looking for something modern and cutting edge or something more rustic we can offer high-quality cost effective block paving driveways & patio services and solutions. We supply a variety of beautiful high-quality stone options to choose from.

D Harrison Home Improvements offer a choice of standard blocks or paving sets. We have the creativity to add inlay patterns to really make your paving stand out. We will create a block paving driveways and patios or path that you are thrilled with. You will enjoy the stunning look of it for years to come.


With beautiful stone options, you can easily create the perfect surroundings for your property.


We can create additional space around your property for you to enjoy.


Block paving requires minimum upkeep saving you time in the future.


High-quality block paving can increase the financial value of your property.


We can offer high-quality cost effective solutions.


It guarantees durability at a more affordable cost.


D Harrison Home Improvements have been servicing driveways using resin bound surfacing for a number of years.

We can guarantee you a long-lasting driveway, footpath or access road. Our years of experience brings us a unique touch making every driveway as maximized as possible.


Small aggregate or gravel is coated in resin in a specialist mixer. It’s spread by hand to give a smooth, elegant and easy to clean surface.

Natural gravels are available in different sizes- from 6mm to 20mm. For a different effect, artificially colored rounded glass chips can be used to provide a bright surface for play areas.

Get in touch with D Harrison Home Improvements now and speak to one of our specialists about your forecourt or driveway resurfacing requirements.

What are the benefits?

• For schools and public buildings – low-maintenance, durable and frost resistant. Resin surfacing is solvent and odor free.

• Home driveways and footpaths – free-draining and compliant with the latest planning laws. 

• Flat roofs, balconies and patios – standard and UV resistant versions are available.

• Access roads and landscape projects – environmentally friendly resin surfacing. It is a permeable surface making it ideal for landscape projects requiring protection of the land underneath. 

• Tree pits – ideal for areas around trees, which need a free-draining and flexible material to accommodate future tree growth.

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