Best Ways of Roof Cleaning to Remove Moss Buildup

Moss growth is common in areas where there is plenty of moisture in the air and the sun occasionally or rarely shows its appearance. Moss and algae thrive in a damp cool environment and while lush green moss on the roof might look fairy-tale like in the movies, it can be quite damaging for your roof.

Why should you remove the moss from the roof?

Roof moss, lichens or algae growth is silent yet invasive. If your roof of your home or building is not regularly well-maintained or kept clean then it will in evidently shorten the lifespan of the roof.

Moss has the ability to degrade all kinds of roof top materials like wood and asphalt or even concrete. If the moss reaches the shingles of the roof then there is no way out except to replace the entire roof– which can be quite a hassle both in terms of time and cost.

However, regular removal of moss from the roof helps in maintaining its lifetime.  There are various ways to remove moss from the roof, some of the best ones are:

Using moss removal chemicals

There are wide varieties of chemical products for moss removal available in the market. These chemicals, however, often contain zinc sulphate which if not handled correctly by the user then it can cause eye damage or harm the skin. Moreover, it can cause damage to the people and plants that can be around your house at the time of applying the liquid to your roof.

There are at least two reasons we don’t recommend to use chemicals on your own:

  1. It can cause damage to your health or the health of people around
  2. You can easily slip and fall or the roof which could cause an even worse damage to your health. It takes practice and special equipment to clean the roof. We recommend involving a professional in that process.

Using metal strips at the ridgeline to slow or remove moss

You can prevent the moss problem by installing metal strips such as copper and zinc coated metal sheets just below the top ridge of the roof. Copper is more toxic for the moss and algae yet zinc is the economical option. This method is effective in both prevention of moss or gently removing the moss from the fragile old roof.

Regular maintenance of roof

Regular trimming of trees near the roof or removing shades from the roof to give more sunlight helps in combating the moss growth. Keep the roof clean from the debris such as leaves or pine needles which help in moss to grow and spread.

Hire professionals for Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is not exactly an easy thing to do and can be quite time-consuming. Moreover, it can be quite dangerous as there are chances of injury. Hence, it’s always a wise idea to hire professionals to clean the roof and keep it moss-free.

Cleaning experts like D. Harrison Home Improvements can be the best bet to remove the moss from the roof as we have the smart safety procedures and have the equipment, experience, and the expertise.

D. Harrison Home Improvements offers both power wash and soft wash for the delicate cleaning jobs to restore the roof to its original condition and good health. A thorough cleaning by the professionals not only effectively removes the moss but also increases the lifespan of the roof.