Time isn’t the only one to blame for the deteriorating condition of your roof. As your roof works hard to protect you from the unpredictable weather, extreme winds and temperature, these factors can take a toll on your home. It can manifest in so many ways other than a waterlogged ceiling. Here are other signs you shouldn’t ignore before they cause any more inconvenience:

  1. It’s been there for nearly two decades.

Roofs have an average lifespan of approximately 24 to 30 years. Through the years, it surely has undergone a number of repairs on leakages, algae, or moulds, which could be a clear sign that it’s way past its prime. If your roof is already approaching its 20th anniversary, perhaps you should start saving for its retirement.

  1. It’s losing its curb appeal.

If you look at your home from the street and you can’t take your eyes off your roof (in a bad way), passers-by, your neighbours, even your real-estate agent might think you’re right. Could it be that the tiles appear stained? Curled? Missing even? Regardless of what it looks, this calls for an instant replacement.

  1. The paint has stained, bubbled, or peeled.

More than giving colour, paint acts as a coat for your roofing, protecting it from weather-induced problems like rust and leaking. If you see peeled paint somewhere, the bricks will definitely react to the weather, starting their gradual, eventual destruction. Worse, the washed away paint can seep through the leaks, bleeding into your interior walls.

  1. One word: algae.

The black patches on your roof can be attributed to mould, mildew, accumulated dirt, and of course, algae. These spores were transported in the air and clung to damp areas on your roof. Though they may cause minimal damage on your roof, the unsightly patches can definitely harm your home’s resale value. To prevent this, you can easily brush them off but the spores will come back eventually. If you don’t want to be bothered with climbing up the roof and cleaning, you can either call professional cleaners for help or replace your entire roof to solve the problem for good.

  1. The roof deck is sagging.

The roof deck are the beams holding up your entire roof. Due to water leaks in your roof and the age of the deck, you might notice moisture damages on some areas of the beams. These moisture areas can accelerate the ageing of the beams, affecting their ability to support your roof. In this case, consider replacing both the deck and the roof.

  1. Water and light leak.

If you find some damp patches in your attic after a rainstorm, or you can see a streak of light in the dark from your roof, it could be a sign your roof needs a repair, if not a total replacement. Water leaks are a sign that the flashing of your roof is damaged, thus you should call in professional repairers before the moisture affects the roof deck.

  1. Your heater isn’t the one to blame for the cold.

If your heater works perfectly but you still find the room a little too cold, it could be that your roof isn’t fulfilling one of its functions: as insulator against heat and cold. This could indicate that not only is your roofing problematic but your wallet as well as your energy bills are rising. This just means that replacing the roof is a practical investment in more ways than one.

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